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The Vineyards is located in Saratoga, California off of Saratoga Avenue and Hwy. 85. The first units were completed in the early 1970's.

The Vineyards is composed of 165 residential condominium units, a clubhouse, 2 pools, a Koi pond in a park like setting.

Although prior to development, the Vineyards' land was a prune orchard, the Vineyards' namesake is the Paul Mason Champagne Cellars formerly across Saratoga Avenue.

FHA The Vineyards of Saratoga is FHA Certified

If you are new to the Vineyards and would like to learn the ins and out of the Vineyards and area around us, you can contact Katherine at Our welcoming committee has lots of helpful information.

To receive email updates of Vineyards news and events, email your name, unit number, email address and whether you are an owner or renter to (Email addresses will NOT be shared.)

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