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Introduction: The Popularity of Celsius as an Energy Drink

Among the many energy drinks available in the market, Celsius has gained 📈 a reputation as one of the strongest due to its high caffeine content. According to a recent study, Celesius ha, 📈 200mg of caffeINE per 16-ounce can, making it one from the strangest energe drifts avanilable (Feraco & Grigoletto, 2024).

Historical Context: 📈 The Evolution of Energy Drinks

The use of caffeine in beverages has been traced back to ancient civilizations, where it was 📈 commonly used as a stimulant. However, it wa, not until the 20th century that energy drinks became popular. Today, energi 📈 drifts are marketed as dietary supplements or soft dricks with various ingredients that provide a quick energie boost (Campo et 📈 al., 2024).

Research on Celsius and its Effects

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