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Welcome to the Vineyards

(and reminders for the rest of us)

We are glad to have you as our new neighbors.

Please take time to read the Vineyards Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R's) and Operating Rules. They are the governing rules that we must all adhere to in order to make this a pleasant home for everyone. They can be found on the CC&R's, Operating Rules page.

Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of new residents. For specifics and the final word, again, please refer to our CC&R's, Operating Rules page and for useful forms, instructions, and documents see our HOA Forms & Documents page.

Occupancy Form/Parking Stickers

Under California's Davis-Stirling Act, which governs HOA's in California, we are required to keep a current list of all residents. Every homeowner must complete an Occupancy Form/Parking Permiton our HOA Forms & Documents page giving names and contact details of household members. The form will also register all vehicles.

Each of your cars must have a Vineyards parking permit sticker on the back window. Please complete an Occupancy Form and supply information on each of your cars. The form can be sent to Community Management Services, Inc., 1935 Dry Creek Road, Ste. 203, Campbell, CA 95008 or emailed to Parking permit stickers will be mailed to you. Cars without a sticker may be towed at the owner's expense.

We have fire lanes around the Vineyards that must remain open at all times. If the curb is red, it's a no parking zone. The only approved parking areas are within a garage or in a marked parking space.

Automatic Payment of Home Owner Dues

If you would like to simplify your life and have your homeowner dues withdrawn directly from your bank account each month, complete the Heritage Bank Auto Pay form and submit it to Heritage Bank.

e-Statements and e-Newsletter

If you would like to receive your monthly HOA statement (for owners) the Grapevine (for everyone) via email, send an email to our association manager, Bill Oldfield, at to sign up for e-statements. Bill will email you a form to fill out and email back. This will save you time and paper, and the Vineyards Homeowner Association copying and mailing fees which can add up.

Leasing Unit After Purchasing

Upon purchase, a new owner must occupy their unit for at least 2 years before requesting the right to lease/rent their unit.

Occupancy Limits

We have limitations on how many people may occupy a unit. A one-bedroom unit may have not more than 3 people living in the unit. The limit for 2 bedrooms is 4 people and the limit for a 3-bedroom unit is 5 people.


Our recycling and garbage hauler company is West Valley Collection and Recycling. Regular garbage pickup is Wednesday and recycle pickups are Monday and Thursday.

When you move in, there is always a lot of packing material to dispose of. Please flatten all cardboard boxes and take them to the white dumpster in garbage area #3, in the Vineyards corner closest to the Saratoga Ave. and Hwy 85 intersection. There is a full-sized dumpster there for cardboard/paper only. Do not over burden your local recycle bins and dumpsters. Fines will be imposed for not following West Valley and the Vineyards guidelines.

Please keep the garbage areas neat with nothing outside of the bins/dumpsters. Place NOTHING outside of the containers. If this isn't done, we must pay a company to clean up BEFORE the garbage company comes each week and it becomes very expensive to all home owners to pay for this service.

Each Spring and Fall the Vineyards provides large dumpsters to allow you to dispose of large items (no paints, oils, computers, tires, or toxic or flammable materials). Save your large items for the Spring and Fall dumpsters. Dumpster Diving at that time is encouraged!!!

West Valley Recycling Presentation

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed in the Vineyards. It is not allowed indoors by our CC&R's and Operating Rules and not allowed outdoors by the City of Saratoga ordinance.


Households are limited to a total of 2 pets of the cat/dog variety (CC&R's). However, renters new to the Vineyards after 3/21/17 cannot keep pets.

All dogs must be on a leash while on common grounds.

Residents must immediately remove their pet's waste.

Residents are responsible for any noise, damage or inconvenience caused by their pet.

Does Your New Project Need Planning Permission?

Are you planning to put in a new HVAC unit, TV cable, replacement windows, a new skylight, replace carpets with hardwoods, or do a total kitchen or bathroom remodel? Since we live in a condominium community there are restrictions and/or permissions that need to be obtained for certain updates before your contractor starts work.

Always check to see if your project needs a) permission from the Board and/or b) a permit and inspection from the City of Saratoga before you pay a deposit or your contractor starts the work.

Generally anything that affects the outside or structure of the units (which is owned by the HOA) needs to have HOA permission, for example replacement windows or doors. Other projects like a simple “direct replacement” kitchen or bathroom remodel may just require a permit from the city of Saratoga. Architectural Modification Application Forms are available on the Vineyards website

If in doubt please bring the details of your project to a monthly board meeting or phone Bill at CMS and check. Retroactive permission might not be granted, additional inspections may be required and repairs to remedy or reverse an upgrade can become very costly.

Replacement Window and Doors

Go to the HOA Forms & Documents page for instructions and approval. A building permit from the City or Saratoga is also required.

TV Dishes

There are definite ways and places that TV dishes can and cannot be placed. Go to the HOA Forms & Documents page for instructions and approval.

Cable TV

Go to the HOA Forms & Documents page for instructions on cable placement and for Board of Directors approval.

Speed Limit

The speed limit within the Vineyards is 15 miles per hour. We do not have sidewalks around the perimeter so we all share the road including cars, those on foot, pets on leashes, children playing, and bike riders. Please drive carefully.


Our gardeners come on Fridays to mow and do the majority of the work. They are also here on Mondays to do clean up and do other work. Sometimes you will see them on other days to work on special projects.


If you did not receive a fob for the pools (and Clubhouse) contact Community Management (there is a replacement fee).

The pool quiet hours are: 10 AM - 10 PM.

The pools are heated from May through September - weather permitting.

There are residents living around each of our pools. Be considerate and keep the noise down - no running, shouting, yelling, screaming, loud radios, etc. Voices carry further than you think - especially children's.

People under 18 must be accompanied at all times by an Adult Resident (for insurance reasons).

Residents are limited to 4 guests and must ALWAYS be present at the pool with their guests. The pools are not available to be rented.

Incontinent children or adults are not allowed in the pools for health reasons. Swim diapers are not allowed.

Pool BBQ's

BBQ's are for use of all residents in good standing. Again, no more than 4 guests at a time and the resident must ALWAYS be present.

Clubhouse and Rental

If you did not receive a fob to the Clubhouse (or pools) contact Community Management (there is a fee for a replacement fob).

The Clubhouse is for use of residents and their guests. Residents are limited to having 4 guests per unit. The resident must be present with their guest(s) at all times.

The Clubhouse upstairs and deck may be rented for parties of 25 or less by contacting Community Management, signing a contract, paying a rental fee of $75, and paying a cleaning deposit of $250. The swimming pool, gym, spa, showers, BBQ, and downstairs of the Clubhouse are not included.

Clubhouse Gym

We have a gym in the Clubhouse. This is for use of residents only and is accessible at any time, day or night (except during HOA meetings) as long as it is used in a quiet non-obtrusive manner.

Free Wi-Fi in Clubhouse

We have free Wi-Fi access in the Clubhouse. The network is Clubhouse and the password is Grapevine (case sensitive).

Register to Vote

Now that you have moved, if you need to register to vote, here's the website -

Attractions Nearby

For recreational ideas, see our Attractions Nearby page.

For further information, please refer to our CC&R's and Operating Rules. They take precedence over the above information.

The Vineyards of Saratoga®

                Last updated 8/2021